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Information, education, conservation is a massive information portal that provides New Zealanders with important information on our marine environment. The website is an online encyclopedia, full of resources about our oceans and beaches. Those resources include stunning underwater photography and videography, as well as leading marine biology reports and presentations. It provides tools and resources for students, teachers and all those interested in conservation. It is a dynamic site, with interviews, discussions and blogs for visitors to participate in.
The aim of the MarineNZ site is to educate New Zealanders about our beautiful marine environment, and encourage marine conservation projects around the country. We are surrounded by such beauty, but we all have a responsibility to make sure it is looked after for future generations.

Shining a spotlight on the biodiversity of New Zealand's marine ecoregion
WWF has published an independent, scientific assessment which shines a spotlight on the biodiversity of New Zealand’s distinctive marine ecoregion.
Twenty-two marine scientists identified, described, and mapped key biodiversity areas and features for marine plants and animals at an expert workshop convened by WWF-New Zealand.
New Zealand’s marine ecoregion is one of 238 (collectively known as the Global 200) that have been identified by WWF as global priorities for conservation action.

What is an ecoregion?

Biodiversity follows complex patterns determined by climate, geology and the evolutionary history of the planet. These patterns are called "ecoregions".
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A blueprint for global conservation:

The Global 200 is a science-based global ranking of the Earth's most biologically outstanding terrestrial, freshwater and marine habitats.
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